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Joyce Espino's
Vocal Studio

Achieve a professional singing voice through ear training, breath support, vocal projection, stage presence, and musical interpretation. 

  • Ear training is essential to ensure that you can stay in tune and harmonize effectively. 

  • Breath support is crucial for maintaining control and power in your voice.

  • Vocal projection helps you deliver your singing with clarity and strength, reaching your audience effectively. 

  • Stage presence is important for engaging and connecting with your listeners, making your performance memorable. 

  • Lastly, musical interpretation adds depth and emotion to your singing, allowing you to convey the meaning and feeling behind the lyrics.


First meeting: FREE!

One individual lesson: 40 euros

Ten lessons Package: 370 euros (save 30 euros!)

Duette lessons: 50 euros (25 euros per person)

Online lessons

Exciting news! I now offer one-on-one online lessons in addition to our in-studio classes. You can now enjoy the comfort of learning from your own home, no matter where you are in the world.

With my new professional set up you'll be able to hear, and see me in  high quality.

Prices are the same.

Also offered in the studio:
Group lessons

Ya Ou

"Perfekt! great experience with Joyce! working with her as a beginner is amazing and helpful!"


"Joyce is a great teacher, that has a lot of experience to share with her students. I always feel comfortable when I have lessons with her and I could feel the progress immediately after the first lessons. When you are looking for a teacher, who is interested in making the best out of your potential, Joyce is the right one. I am not an absolut beginner, but never had professional lessons and I can recommend Joyce for everyone who is interested in singing, regardless of how much background they have so far."


"Joyce is not only a professional classical soprano, but also an excellent pop singer! Her voice is beautiful and her skills are top notch! She has a great teaching experience and very attentive in class. In her fun and professional course, you will find that singing is a joy! I highly recommend her!!"


"Joyce is a wonderful teacher! I had no previous experience with singing lessons and Joyce has been excellent at tailoring her lessons to my level and providing the fundamental instruction necessary to be a good singer. Her lessons are a lot of fun and she has a very warm personality on top of being an excellent singer herself. I highly recommend anyone regardless of level to try out lessons with her!"


"Perfect! Joyce is a very good teacher. I improved my singing technique very quickly thanks to her and I'm having a lot of fun singing again. I can definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with their singing."
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