Joyce Espino sitting on a chair, smiling, and posing.



Joyce holding an umbrella in the streets of Vienna, with a blue and pink suit and a big smile, looking to the side.

Welcome to the website of the multi-talented 

Joyce Espino Estrada.

Here you can find her content relating to music, make-up artistry, and modelling.


Joyce was born in Caracas, Venezuela, the 15th of January 1993, and her nationalities are Spanish and Dominican.

Her passion for singing led her to study and perform in many countries such as Dominican Republic, USA, Spain, Italy, and Austria.

Creating this way a multicultural approach to life and art.

Thanks to this she speaks Spanish, English, Italian and German.

Her love for beauty, and emotions lead her to create expressive work, not only with singing, but with make-up, painting, acting, modelling, writing and composing.




You'll hear from me soon!

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